Why Choose Grayson Executive learning (GEL)

Our Promise to You

GEL coaches represent the best of the best professionals in the fields of education and academic coaching. Our rigorous hiring process and training assure you of the three essential qualities all our coaches must possess:

  1. Excellence. We are committed to providing you with the exemplary service you deserve.
  2. Empathy. Students gain trust and work best when they have an ally who deeply understands their struggles without judgment.
  3. Experience. Our coaches have an established track record of success working with students just like yours.


GEL has built an impressive reputation for helping students learn to effectively manage deadlines and succeed in school, Furthermore, our reputation has been largely built on the degree to which we help our students succeed. While every student is different and results are never guaranteed, it is quite common for our students to transition from earning C’s, D’s, and F’s to mostly earning A’s and B’s.

We are transparent that our approach to behavior change is contingent on the student being ready for behavior change and that not every student is ready for our services, but for those students that are ready for behavior change, we regularly deliver life-changing results. And delivering life-changing results is precisely what GEL was conceived to do.

Extensive Professional Qualifications

(Grayson Executive learning) GEL coaches must pass stringent qualification requirements and possess a Master’s degree (or equivalent Ed.D. or Ph.D.) or higher. Our coaches have all had have extensive experience working one-to-one with students and possess professional experience in the field of education and/or mental health.

Equally important as our coaches’ formal education and work experience is the extensive, rigorous, and ongoing in-house training and supervision all coaches receive. GEL heavily invests in training and supervising its staff as we believe that excellence begins with highly competent, experienced, and well-trained coaches.

We Are Specialists

GEL is a boutique coaching practice, and our coaches are specialists in helping high school and college students with ADHD\EF challenges learn to effectively manage deadlines and succeed in school. While we could certainly serve more clients, as some companies do, if we worked with every population that inquired about our services, it’s just not possible to become a subject matter expert and learn the nuances of every population.

GEL is singularly focused on delivering exceptional service, and we are happy to remain the specialist ADHD\EF academic coaching practice that parents of high school and college students send their kids to when getting the best services is the only option.

Holistic Approach to Behavior Change

GEL sees the clients we serve for who they are, human beings with strengths, imperfections, beautiful personalities, passions, and so much more. Our clients are not merely students whom we are tasked with helping achieve their potential in school. While we are certainly experts to that end, we actually do so much more.

Our students often need to regularly take medications, improve their sleep hygiene, write essays for college apps, and exercise. While we are not doctors, sleep specialists, college counselors, or gym trainers, we can and very often do successfully incorporate the behavior change needed in these non-academic areas through the recommendations made by other professional service providers.

Bespoke Coaching

The GEL Approach to academic coaching beautifully integrates our research-based intervention to meet the individual needs of each student. While our coaches work with students within a proven structure, nothing about the GEL Approach is cookie-cutter which allows our coaches to meet each student where they are at.

Our coaches tailor the service based on each student’s needs, pace, interests, personality, and readiness for change in a one-to-one setting. Many of our students wish to create behavior change around areas of their life beyond academics, and the GEL Approach seamlessly incorporates such pursuits into our service.

Research-Based Coaching Model

The GEL Approach is an action-oriented coaching model that draws from multiple evidence-based interventions to facilitate behavior and mindset change. Eran Grayson pioneered the coaching model that seamlessly blends Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and evidence-based educational learning models to specifically address the challenges faced by students with ADHD and executive function deficits.

This unique coaching model emphasizes structure, strategies, and accountability to facilitate and enable dramatic behavior change in a relatively short period.

Ongoing Mentoring and Coaching Supervision

GEL believes that exceptional service begins with exceptional people. Through our selective hiring process, we strictly recruit the most competent and talented educators and provide them with extensive training in the GEL Approach.

Through ongoing training and supervision, we continually support our coaches to ensure our clients receive the high-level academic coaching they expect from GEL. Leaning into excellence and accountability is in our DNA. That starts from our CEO and works its way to every single one of our coaches and support staff. Training and supervising our coaches is the most energy-intensive investment we make in our practice because our clients deserve nothing less.

Case Management

Many of our clients receive support from a multi-disciplinary team that may be comprised of a therapist, psychiatrist, and other professional service providers. It takes experience, education, training, and skill to case manage and coordinate services amongst various service providers.

GEL coaches possess the ability to case manage complex cases that less experienced professionals may prefer to avoid or simply lack the ability to manage. This level of professionalism and expertise is what our clients expect from a premium service.

Comfort and Convenience

Online technology has made it possible to deliver a comprehensive service such as ours available to any student in the comfort of their home or dorm room without sacrificing quality. Our service is delivered entirely remotely, making it convenient for our clients to not have to drive to meet us. It also makes it mobile and allows students to connect with their coach wherever the student may be.

Improved Child\Parent Relationship

The GEL Approach puts academic ownership squarely on the student, which is where we believe it belongs for students to truly reach their potential. Parents absolutely love our approach as we work to eliminate the nightly homework battles that have often ensued in many of the households we serve.

While we believe parents should always be involved and aware of their child’s academic performance, we also believe the often toxic dynamic that exists between the parent and child when it comes to schoolwork does not serve to benefit anyone and that a better solution exists. By teaching, supporting, and empowering students to effectively manage their deadlines, we tap into the natural drive for human beings to want to thrive and succeed based on their own will and effort.

Our process results in a happier and more confident human being that sees a direct connection between their efforts and their success, thus resulting in a reduced need for direct parental involvement in academic matters.


While GEL’s process results in a reduced need for direct parental involvement in academic matters, we take pride in keeping parents informed of their child’s progress by holding regular team meetings to discuss their child’s personal development and academic performance. We are also highly proactive and communicate with parents in a timely manner when potential concerns arise.

GEL clients simply do not need to worry about surprises relating to a child’s resistance to coaching or poor academic performance. Effective communication is built into our approach, and we pride ourselves on delivering parents important information about their children before they even need it.


Respecting our clients’ privacy is taken very seriously by everyone at GEL. We protect your personal information and maintain strict standards of confidentiality.


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