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Client Testimonial: I sought out Eran because he came highly recommended for his coaching with college students with ADHD. My son was on the cusp of failing out of college and was already on academic probation. He immediately connected with Eran and is doing so much better as a result of their work together. I cant speak enough about what a relief it is knowing such a high quality individual is coaching and mentoring my son.

Tracy Fulton

Client Testimonial: We heard about Eran from several individuals in our community who have used his services and decided to call him when our daughter’s therapist also strongly suggested we contact him. We were incredibly fortunate that he was able to fit us into his practice (which we were told is often full) as he helped our daughter successfully reintegrate into college after she took a medical leave. We always hear our daughter echo things she talked about with Eran in their sessions; its obvious he has quite an impact on her.

Derek Sinclair

Client Testimonial:

Working with Eran has been nothing short of amazing. My son has experienced so many victories both in school and outside of it since we started working with Eran. Covid has been so hard and my son lost so much motivation to engage with school and do his work that he kind of just fell apart. Eran not only helped a ton with the how-to of my son turning in his work on time, organizing himself, and overall improving in school, he also helped my son identify how he was getting in his own way and sabotaging his efforts. I believe it is this combination that helped my son be so successful. It’s like I have a completely different kid.

Hanna Lopez

Client Testimonial: “I am now consistently meeting deadlines and doing so to standards I am proud of instead of completing a task last minute (or not at all) that I am ultimately not happy with.”
– Samantha Tamerian

Client Testimonial:

Finding support for students that are twice exceptional is not easy as most professionals are not familiar with their unique needs. My son is twice exceptional and earned very good grades through early high school when things took a turn. The chronic procrastination and missing assignments along with a resistance to study for tests resulted in a number of low grades his sophomore year. Prior to working with Eran, my son never studied for exams and saw that as a badge of honor. My son was not used to earning poor grades and when his grades eventually dropped, so did his self-esteem and confidence. Eran was amazing and was able to help my son see how he was getting in his own way without causing him to feel that something was wrong with him. Through structure and accountability with doing his schoolwork, my son’s grades significantly improved and the overwhelm and anxiety he used to have with deadlines was practically eliminated. I am so grateful for Eran’s ability to understand my son and more importantly, to help him develop the tools to be successful and have confidence in himself

Daniel Stern

Client Testimonial:

My daughter needed help transitioning into her freshman year in college after a challenging end to her senior year in high school. I was happy to see positive changes immediately after she started working with Eran to help with her schooling and living away from home for the first time. I was very impressed when she showed me her calendar with an entire semester’s deadlines already entered and a planning system she was using to keep track of her tasks. I greatly appreciated the monthly review sessions Eran, my daughter, and I held as I was kept up to date on her progress and felt very much in touch with what was going on. I believe Eran’s accountability program and action planning helped my daughter become much more independent, as she had to learn to take personal ownership over her schooling and actions in a way she never had to before. Having Eran support and mentor my daughter that first year in college was the best decision I made.

Terry Vaught

Working with Eran has been nothing short of life changing! There has been a night and day difference in the way I think about and approach my have-to’s and the impact it has had on my life is equally a night and day difference. Eran helped me develop productivity strategies that actually work for me based on how my brain works. When one strategy or tool did not work then we worked together to make adjustments and try again. The process was certainly not easy but I truly felt Eran believed in me whenever I came up short and that helped me stick with creating change when I wanted to just give up. While not perfect, I am now consistently meeting deadlines and doing so to standards I am proud of instead of completing a task last minute (or not at all) that I am ultimately not happy with. He’s funny in that he will not take any credit for how far I have come but I owe Eran so much for the tremendous growth and progress I have made while working with him.

Samantha Tamerian

“Eran was amazing and was able to help my son see how he was getting in his own way without causing him to feel that something was wrong with him.”
– Daniel Stern

Virtual learning and the stresses of COVID resulted in my daughter struggling in school like she never has before. Along with most students forced to take online classes, my daughter has paid a heavy price as she is just not engaged in this format. While Eran hasn’t made the classes more fun, he certainly helped my daughter create a highly effective structure for her to be successful again. Work is getting turned in on time and she tells me that she is relying on her studying to do well on tests as opposed to having her books and notes open to help take her tests. Her grades are better than they were before the pandemic and the best part is she feels successful. We have seen a profound change and are truly grateful.

Laura Castillo

Eran came highly recommended by the neuropsychologist that did my daughter’s psychoed evaluation after she left school her second year in school due to medical leave. It was a difficult time to say the least. Eran was simply amazing in his approach while working with my daughter and her grades have improved significantly upon her return this last semester. There is obviously more to his approach than just time management and study skills, no doubt. I cant say enough about Eran’s professionalism as well as his ability to explain to my husband and I the nuances of my daughter’s challenges in a way that we could easily understand. I am a huge fan and have recommended him to several other parents whose children have struggled.

Cindy Maddax

We wish to thank you for believing in our son and inspiring him to become the student and young man he is today. Our son came to you with serious difficulties managing his transition to college. Your approach not only significantly improved our son’s grades, but also his approach towards solving everyday problems and meeting his day-to-day obligations. Your discussions on the value of commitment and the importance of doing what one says they will do obviously resonated with our son and he now has a much greater appreciation for following through on what he says. You cant even imagine how much we value that at home. Thank you for guiding our son and ourselves through a very successful sophomore year in college. We so appreciate you!

Veronica Kaufman


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