Joey, Twice-exceptional freshman in college overcomes academic underachievement and overwhelming anxiety

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Joey shares how his grades dropped precipitously once he started college, causing him debilitating anxiety as he became stuck in a cycle of procrastination and skipped classes. Discover how Joey embraced structure through coaching, radically improved his grades, and gained insight that helps him succeed.

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It took only a short time for Joey to experience academic underachievement when he arrived at college.

Lack of Structure

With the benefit of structure from living at home completely gone, Joey's attendance was inconsistent, and his procrastination ran unabated.

Late\Missing Assignments

The courtesy his high school teachers extended to him to turn in work late without penalty did not continue into college.

Poor Grades

For the first time in Joey's life, he began to earn grades other than an A's, and his performance on physics and math exams included F's, D's, and C's. Joey's inability to control this downward academic spiral resulted in intense overwhelm and anxiety.

Chronic Anxiety

His belief in himself and his abilities as a student fell apart. He began to avoid most things in life except sleep, which he found to be the only respite from his chronic anxiety.


Joey’s primary goal was to reduce the tremendous anxiety he was experiencing as well as return to earning good grades in school. To help achieve this goal, Joey and his coach immediately set out to create the structure and routine around doing schoolwork that went missing when he left home.

Conquer Procrastination

With his coach's help, he successfully implemented various tools and strategies to conquer his procrastination and the hard-wired response of his brain to tell him to "simply do the schoolwork later."

Avoid Distractions

Instead of fighting the endless temptations and distractions in his dorm room, Joey began to do schoolwork in either the library or the study room in his dorm building.

Develop Advanced Study Skills

The advanced study skills he developed gave him the confidence to effectively prepare for even his most difficult exams.


The accountability partnership he created with his coach significantly contributed to his following through on what he said he would do.

The anxiety was debilitating. I wanted to avoid everything, and sleep was the only thing I looked forward to. - Joey



Joey finished the semester working with his coach with a 3.75 GPA compared to the 2.75 GPA he earned the previous semester.

Excellent Grades

Much more important than Joey's higher grades was his new and evolved version of himself. Joey's confidence and belief in himself have grown tremendously.

Increased Confidence

The overwhelm and anxiety he suffered during his freshman year in college are largely gone and replaced with optimism and excitement about his future.

Positive New Habits and Routines

His tendency to procrastinate was replaced with new routines and structures that he consistently applies around meeting deadlines.

Growth Mindset

He replaced his old mindset that needing to study meant he wasn't smart with a new mindset that positive habits, advanced planning, and study skills were the ticket to success. These changes did not come about because he was told what to do or how to think but because he realized their value through the coaching process.

I love having the confidence that comes from knowing exactly what I need to do and having a plan for how I am going to do it.”


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