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Students With ADHD Struggle In College

It’s heartbreaking to learn that less than half of college students with ADHD will obtain their degree, according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. This sobering statistic is not due to lesser academic ability. The poor graduation rate in students with ADHD stems from core challenges with executive functioning that directly interfere with managing the demands of college.

Ask yourself if your student is prepared to:

We’ve seen many students with ADHD spiral downward with their grades and self-confidence once they leave the structured environment of home and high school. Given all the new demands they face in college, is it any surprise that many students never make it past their first year in school?

Think About It.

At home, your 18-year-old is safely protected by your household’s rules and expectations, helping them to make choices that fit within that structure. It’s unlikely they’d bring home a dozen friends on a school night and stay up partying until 4:00am.

Once your kid is at college, suddenly their world is full of 18-year-olds and structure is almost entirely absent. Teenagers with ADHD can have extraordinary difficulty considering consequences, delaying gratification, and planning for the future.

What do you think your teen would do when faced with these options?

Will your college student be ready to make tough choices like this every day?

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What’s at stake if they consistently make poor choices?

The solution lies in personalized, expert 1:1 academic coaching for college students with ADHD. A trusted, qualified adult working with your teen can spell the difference between success and failure.

Left without proper support, students with ADHD can begin a spiral of failure that punctures their confidence and sets them up for continued disappointment. Their world is filled with daily temptations and distractions.  Doesn’t it make sense to have a trusted professional help them to identify and stick to their true priorities?

GEL coaches, using our research-based approach, can help your teen with ADHD be successful and confident in college.

GEL’s Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple:  students are primed for lasting change when they’re empowered to take ownership of their academic responsibilities.

GEL coaches help our students become responsible and accountable for their schoolwork by providing them with structure, strategies, and skills to help them succeed in school. Students collaborate with their coach to design their own personal suite of approaches that helps them keep focused and achieve their goals.

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GEL Helps College Students:

The Benefit Of Experience

GEL coaches have worked with students from many different universities across numerous declared majors. Our coaches deeply understand the demands of higher education and know the pitfalls students encounter. We use a proactive approach to working with our college students with ADHD, to help pre-empt problems before they erupt.

Give your college student with ADHD a fighting chance to beat the odds and succeed on their own terms.

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