Executive Function Coaching

Does Your Child Struggle With:

It’s frustrating to witness how your teen’s distractibility, procrastination, poor prioritization, and ineffective study skills hold them back from reaching their goals. Executive function coaching unlocks their full potential.


Academic Improvement Across The Board

81 %

Students saw a significant improvement in grades

87 %

Students saw a significant reduction in missing assignments

88 %

Parents said they would recommend GEL to a friend

77 %

Students said they experienced a reduction in anxiety

71 %

Parents saw an improvement in parent/child interaction around schoolwork

Reported by GEL Clients

What is GEL?

Founded by Eran Grayson, Grayson Executive Learning (GEL) is a boutique Academic and ADHD\EF Coaching practice that specializes in providing premium one-on-one academic coaching services to high school and college students with ADHD and executive function difficulties.

Who We Help

Our coaches specialize in helping high school and college students with ADHD to effectively manage deadlines and succeed in school.

High School Students

A homework battle between parents and their teenage children plays out in millions of households across the country on a daily basis. The nightly drama around homework that plagues many families is so common it could almost be considered normal if it wasn’t so disruptive.

College Students

Did you know that less than half of college students with ADHD will obtain their degree, according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychiatry? Academic coaching provides students with the tools and mindset to fight those odds.

How We Help

Our Research-Based Approach

The GEL Approach is the research-based coaching methodology utilized by our coaches to help students maximize...

What is Executive Function?

Executive Functions enable us to plan ahead, control our impulses, prioritize tasks, focus attention, remember...

Academic Coaching vs. Tutoring

Academic coaching and tutoring are completely different services that achieve vastly different outcomes.

Why choose Grayson Executive Learning

Case Studies

9th Grader
11th Grader
Freshman In College
Adult College Student
9th Grader
11th Grader
Freshman In College
Adult College Student
9th Grader
11th Grader
Freshman In College
Adult College Student

What People Say...

Brilliant, compassionate, dedicated, and committed to excellence are the attributes of Eran Grayson, an executive remediation coach!

Dr. Karen Schiltz

I have known and worked with Eran for over a decade. He has been instrumental at helping several of my ADHD clients in college and high school.

Christopher Fulton, Ph.D.

Finding support for students that are twice exceptional is not easy as most professionals are not familiar with their unique needs

Daniel Stern


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