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It is my privilege and honor to work with many great professionals. Eran Grayson is one of the best. As a licensed psychologist and as a parent of adult children, I recognize how important a referral or recommendation can be for people in need of support and assistance. The strongest endorsement is simply this, I would refer my own children and other family members to Eran. He is passionate about what he does. He cares about and understands people. One only need to follow his guidance and strategies to meet personal goals and find success. I fully endorse Eran and refer people for his services any chance I get.

David Morrison, Psy.D.

 Eran Grayson’s work with our students has been helpful time and time again. He is approachable, professional, and he understands today’s students. I have had parents call me upon graduation who mention Eran’s work as critical to their child’s success. The Office of Student Accessibility at Pepperdine University is always happy to refer our students to Eran as a valuable addition to their support team.

Sandra Harrison

Executive Director
Office of Student Accessibility
Pepperdine University

I have known and worked with Eran for over a decade. He has been instrumental at helping several of my ADHD clients in college and high school. Parents appreciate his professionalism, attention to detail and ability to get results. The teens and young adults who work with him appreciate how relatable and supportive he is. I really appreciate his work with my clients and wouldn’t hesitate referring my clients who need help with executive functioning to him.

Christopher Fulton, Ph.D.

Advocate and Educational Consultant

“Grayson Executive Learning is always one of my top recommendations to families with teens or young adults with executive functioning challenges.”
– Dr. Amy Schonfeld

I have known and worked with Eran Grayson for over 13 years and it is my pleasure to endorse his academic coaching services for students with ADHD. As a special education advocate and licensed therapist with decades of combined experience, I can say with confidence that Eran and his services are one of the very best in ADHD and executive function remediation. His track record of delivering exceptional results to his clients is built on a foundation of evidence-based interventions along with deep compassion for the vulnerable population he specializes in serving. Eran and I have collaborated on various cases over many years and his ability to communicate our shared clients’ challenges and needs allows me to more effectively advocate for these students in IEP meetings. A common theme I have heard over the years from the families I have referred him and the professional colleagues that have worked with him is his relentless commitment to excellence, unparalleled professionalism and integrity, and a drive to consistently go above and beyond to serve his clients. There are truly a limited number of professionals that understand and apply executive function remediation at the level practiced by Eran. I happily recommend and refer Eran’s services to my clients and colleagues.

Gwen E. Campbell, M.S.

Advocate and Educational Consultant

Brilliant, compassionate, dedicated, and committed to excellence are the attributes of Eran Grayson, an executive remediation coach! As a psychologist specializing in pediatric and young adult neuropsychological assessment, I have worked with this specialist for many years. He has gone far above and beyond to remediate executive dysfunction including time management in youth and adults. Eran’s skill set evolves around balancing science using evidence-based techniques with humility as he actively listens to the needs of the client including educational and health care providers. I’m grateful to him for enhancing the quality of life not only for my student and adult clients but also for family members. I always know that any family I refer to Eran will be professionally and thoroughly taken care of. I have no reservation whatsoever in recommending this dedicated specialist to my colleagues, parents, and their children!

Karen L. Schiltz, Ph.D.

Psychologist (CA PSY 9508)
Golden State Neuropsychology
Clinical Professor (Voluntary)
Division of Psychology
Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

I’m a child psychologist and have referred my clients to Eran for the past several years. I’ve been impressed by his thoughtful and competent approach to a variety of teenagers and young adults in helping them to develop ways to manage their lives successfully. He and his staff are able to individualize approaches to teach executive functioning skills to a variety of people, with vulnerabilities that have made it hard for them to learn these skills. His practical approach makes sense and motivates his clients to learn more, as they start experiencing success in reaching their goals.

Robert Colegrove, Ed.D.

Pediatric and Adolescent Psychology Associates
Licensed Psychologist

“I can say with confidence that Eran and his services are one of the very best in ADHD and executive function remediation.”

 – Gwen Campbell
Special Education Advocate

Eran Grayson has worked with my teenage to older adult patients from students to busy professionals over many years. He is the first coach I think when referring. I have given my colleagues his contact information as well. All my patients and colleagues have benefited from his expertise. He has a magic touch!

Mary M. Moebius, MD, FAPA

Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry
and Neurology, General and Child Psychiatry
Assistant Clinical Professor UCLA Semel Institute

I have had the pleasure of working with Eran on several cases and each time I find him to be responsive, collaborative, and provide cutting edge executive function coaching. Eran meets clients where they are at to achieve notable results and he is my first referral source when a student or young adult needs additional support to learn effective executive function skills. I have witnessed first hand how his work has improved the lives of adolescents and young adults struggling with ADHD.

Cara Kiff, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Grayson Executive Learning is always one of my top recommendations to families with teens or young adults with executive functioning challenges. Eran has an incredible way of motivating students and providing them with the lifelong skills needed to be successful in their academics, future career pursuits, and daily responsibilities. It can be a struggle when your bright teen or young adult child has difficulty reflecting their knowledge and talents, and Eran certainly knows how to guide them in learning how to do so on their own. Eran is a team player and a fabulous collaborator, and I highly recommend working with him!

Dr. Amy Schonfeld

Pediatric and Young Adult Clinical Neuropsychologist


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