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The GEL Approach

The GEL Approach to academic and ADHD\EF coaching is built on a student-centered model that has as its primary goal the creation of sustainable behavior change that centers on meeting deadlines.

While it appears on the surface that our service is geared towards helping students improve their academic performance, in reality, the exceptional academic results experienced by our students are a by-product of our service and not the goal of the service itself.

Positive Habits = Better Results

Our service leverages academic behavior change to help students develop lifelong skills in effective deadline management. The goal of the service is to prepare students to ultimately succeed without our coaching support.

The reality is that behavior change is often hard. The results students crave, and the happiness and success parents want for their children will only be realized when the student develops healthy habits which have become part of their new mindset.

Unfortunately, new habits do not form when students implement tools and strategies every once in a while or just when they feel like it. Instead, the results our clients want come from consistency around implementing the tools and strategies our students learn from our coaches. It is precisely that consistency that is so challenging for individuals with ADHD.

creating behavior change

Because of the difficulties with creating behavior change, GEL firmly believes that students see the best results when the desire for change comes from the student themselves and not from someone else, such as a parent or a teacher. Research into behavior change is very clear that change is less likely to happen when individuals feel coerced or told they need to change versus determining the need to change on their own.
The following are several indicators that a student is open to behavior change. When students:

Are You Ready For Change?

We at GEL feel a strong moral obligation to help our students experience the success they desperately yearn for and deserve. To help increase the likelihood of client success, GEL screens all prospective students for behavior change readiness.
Therefore, all students are asked the following questions to help determine if they are a good fit for our service:

While virtually every student would like excellent grades, not every student is open to changing their behavior to achieve excellent grades.

Likewise, some students are not open to using new tools and strategies and are instead fixated on doing things the way they have always done them.

Lastly, not every student is open to receiving outside help. Some students perceive receiving outside help as proof of failure and prefer a “go at it alone” mindset. Unfortunately, a fixed mindset is not in alignment with the GEL Approach.

We Are Ready When You Are

As much as we love to serve every student in need, the reality is that students who do not answer a firm YES to the 3 screening questions above are not a good fit for our service. GEL operates at the highest levels of transparency and integrity.

In fact, we dedicate an entire section of our website to the limitations of our service. Therefore, our practice believes it is unethical to invite students who are not ready for behavior change, as experience has shown that these students typically do not benefit from our service.

Fortunately, readiness for change is fluid, and a student’s mindset can evolve. We have numerous success stories of students who were initially not ready for our service but ultimately embraced a growth mindset and successfully engaged with us later. “Not ready” often means “not ready right now,” and GEL always leaves a door open for students to walk through when they are ready.


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